DDoS Cyber Grinch Tried to Pay us a Visit Over Thanksgiving

thezootsewt/ December 6, 2016/ Cyber Defense/ 0 comments

‘Twas the night before Cyber Monday, when all through the ‘Net Not a DDoS was stirring, not even a bit; The cyber defenses were ready and waiting, In hopes that the Cyber Grinch soon would not be there; The Admins were nestled all snug behind their desks, While visions of slow networks danced in their heads; And CEOs in their fancy suites, and

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Hacked ATMs Spew Cash into the Hands of Cybercriminals

thezootsewt/ November 23, 2016/ Financial and Banking/ 0 comments

Imagine you are minding your own business walking down the street, and suddenly an ATM machine starts spewing thousands of dollars in cash without anyone at the controls.  As far fetched as that sounds, it is becoming more and more common outside the US due to the wily activities of cyber criminals.  The threat has grown to the point that

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Adobe Flash Player Vulnerable to Attack – Again

thezootsewt/ November 15, 2016/ Cyber Defense, Latest News/ 0 comments

Quiz – what’s the one plugin that your web browser probably uses that most cyber security professionals would like to see disappear from the face of the earth?  If you answered Adobe Flash player, you are right!  For years flash player provided important functionality that standard HTML based web browsers could not.  With the advent of HTML5, that started to change.

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