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Beginners Guide to VPN Encryption

thezootsewt/ October 31, 2016/ Cyber Defense, VPNs/ 0 comments

Pour on That Secret Encryption Sauce Encryption algorithms can be a bit of an enigma (pun intended) to those looking to use strong encryption on their VPN.  Which encryption algorithm is most secure today and into the future?  Are there performance considerations to selecting a more secure algorithm?  Are there backward compatibility issues with selecting a newer cipher?  We begin

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This VPN Setting Could be Exposing Your Data

thezootsewt/ October 10, 2016/ VPNs/ 0 comments

The Problem When it comes to encrypting data over a VPN, the name of the game is to release as little information about the data or its contents as possible.  Sometimes knowing meta information related to the data can be nearly as compromising as having the actual plaintext data in hand.  One of the most practical and fascinating examples of

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VPN Setup Guide – How to Setup a VPN on Your Wireless Router

thezootsewt/ October 3, 2016/ Cyber Defense, Product Reviews, Service Provider Review, VPNs/ 2 comments

Using a VPN is an important element in ensuring that your data is secure. Setting up a VPN is not difficult if you have a proper guide. There are many options available and the following guide presents the best of breed set up for your home router. Roll Your Own or Buy from the Pros? There is great satisfaction in

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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) – What are they good for? Absolutely Everything!

thezootsewt/ October 3, 2016/ Cyber Defense, Telecommunications, VPNs/ 0 comments

If you aren’t using a VPN, your information and devices are likely at risk!  As with any good taco it  takes many ingredients to make a great tatsing meal. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs as they’re commonly known, are a critical ingredient to any security plan.  We will look at several places where vpns can be used both at home

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