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Cisco IPICS Bug Could Allow Attackers to take down 911 Services or Fire-EMS-Police Dispatch (CVE-2016-6397)

thezootsewt/ November 4, 2016/ Cyber Defense, Government, Public Works and Infrastructure, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

You arrive at the scene of a major car accident and attempt to call 9-1-1 to request an ambulance and police assistance…except your call doesn’t go through.  Even if it did, the dispatch system could be down so that 9-1-1 operators cannot communicate with police, fire, and EMS.  If this sounds like a bad scenario – it is!  And it

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Nuclear Power Under Cyber Attack – Power Plant and Lab Hacked

thezootsewt/ October 16, 2016/ Cyber Defense, Energy, Latest News, Public Works and Infrastructure/ 0 comments

In two separate incidents, a nuclear power plant and a nuclear lab were targeted for cyber attacks.  Director Yukiya Amano from the IAEA disclosed that a nuclear power generation facility came under cyber attack within the last few years.  He declined to state which specific nuclear facility was involved.  Mr. Amano advised that “This issue of cyber attacks on nuclear-related

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