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Could This Cyber Grinch Ruin Your Holiday Shopping?

thezootsewt/ October 24, 2016/ Cyber Defense, IoT/ 0 comments

Where Have All the Presents Gone? Picture this – beautiful snow-crested hills that lead to a charming house decorated tastefully with the colors of the season.  Inside the house is a crackling fire, warm cider and nog; a festive tree grandly declares holiday cheer.  But then you notice the sad-faced children.  You realize something is missing – no presents under the

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IoT Household Appliances Take Down Website – DDOS Attack is Largest Ever Recorded – And your Toaster Oven May be on the Prowl

thezootsewt/ September 24, 2016/ IoT/ 0 comments

Your toaster, your lamp, and your washing machine all have or will soon have something in common. They are/will be connected to the Internet in what is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). These connected devices hold great promise to add convenience to our lives….as long as they don’t become Frankensteins that begin attacking servers on the

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