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Pacemaker? Check your firmware! Recall Alert

thezootsewt/ September 4, 2017/ Healthcare/ 0 comments

If you or a loved one has a pacemaker, you need to read this.  On August 29, 2017, the FDA issued a recall for Abbott’s (formerly St. Jude Medical’s) Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers.  The recall notice seemed to indicate that a hacker could cause great harm to a patient and possible even cause death – “The FDA has reviewed information concerning potential

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Things Your Hospital Doesn’t Tell you – Insulin Pumps can be Hacked to OD Patients

thezootsewt/ October 5, 2016/ Healthcare/ 0 comments

A concerning story emerged today out of Johnson & Johnson.  Apparently one of their insulin pumps is vulnerable to Cyber Attack and could even overdose patients.  Johnson & Johnson describes the risk as “low”, but it still sounds unnerving,  This is not the first medical device to have cyber security issues, and it brings up a whole host of other

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