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Newly registered domain names often are of concern for cyber security professionals.  New domains are at the bleeding edge of the expanding internet with all sorts of unknown risks. Malware could be present on a new domain or a spammer could start sending unsolicited email at any moment.  Of course many new domain names are legitimate and are not intended to cause harm.  However, it is wise for cyber security professionals to keep a close eye on newly registered domain names as a potential source of attack.

Lists of newly registered domain names are not as easy to find and download as you might think.  In many cases organizations have been forced to “roll their own” daily diff.  At, we want to make your life easier!  So we will start offering a daily diff of .com and .net newly registered domain names.   Additionally, we will also offer a listing of domain names that have been deleted out of the .com and .net zone files within the last 24-48 hours.  We hope this is a valuable resource to those organization that may be attempting to do this tedious task on their own.  Enjoy!

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