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Many (all) media outlets are covering the latest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against DNS provider DYN.  The attack apparently came in at least two waves which prevented east coast (US) internet users from accessing popular websites such as twitter, netflix, and amazon.  The attacks appeared to be aimed at sending a message, but exactly who is behind the attack and the exact message they intended to send is still unclear.

DDOS attacks appear to be increasing in frequency and severity.  How can you be ready if you maintain a website or web service?  There are several DDOS mitigation services available.  Here is a brief rundown –

Cloudflare –

Great FREE service that offers DDOS prevention/mitigation with some simple DNS changes.  Did I mention that the service is free?  A paid version is available for those seeking higher end features.  Cloudflare provided some refuge for those seeking shelter from the attack yesterday.


A free trial is available, but only for a limited time.  Incapsula typically plays second fiddle to Cloudflare.  The features are similar to Cloudflare as well.

Akamai –

Typically a service for higher end businesses to mitigate DDoS.  The price tag for this type of defense is typically quite high, but you get what you pay for.  Akamai successfully defended Krebs (until the decision to cease mitigation for financial reasons)  for what is now the second largest DDoS attack ever, just a few weeks ago.

Solutions are available, and some of them at minimal or no cost.  It’s time that webmasters and sysadmins started using these services to help mitigate future DDoS attacks.

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