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Helping Small Businesses Stay Secure Online

October is one of my favorite months – autumn is upon us, smells of fresh apple cider are in the air, and most importantly it is national cyber security awareness month. has published several great resources for small business owners (and individuals) to help you stay safe and secure online.  Here is a brief infographic to get us started –

ncsa_small_business_infographicSource –

Based on the advice from, here are a few ways to keep your business moving forward –

Keep a Clean Machine – Make sure you have updated antivirus programs running on all systems.  Practice good computer hygiene.

Protect Your Information – Your information is the lifeblood of your business.  Protect it as if your business depended on it…because it does.

Educate Your Employees – Even if education is done in a somewhat informal manner, it’s important to let employees know how to handle information.

Internet Security Policy for Employees (Formal or Informal) – You owe it to your employees to have an Internet Security Policy that answers questions related to the use of social media at work, what information is ok to share on the web/social media, and an emphasis on avoiding phishing schemes.

Data Breach Response Plan  – Data breaches will happen no matter what.  How will you deal with a breach?  Who needs to be notified?  When does law enforcement get involved?  All of these issues need to be covered in a plan.

Privacy Policy – How does your company handle private customer information?  How do employees safeguard the information?


It seems that lately many people are experiencing security problems and challenges from various businesses and organizations.  Some lament about ransomeware and the destructive and crippling power it can have on an organization of any size.  Others have major concerns about phishing and data theft.  No matter the issue, it’s important to take steps early to address small business cyber security challenges.  Proper planning will yield great results down the road.


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